Purchasing an Item

Where we source our pieces from

We only purchase items from sources we trust, including reputable antique dealers, auction houses, private collectors and individuals. We acquire most of our items from within the UK, and occasionally from Europe, North America and Australia. Our many years of experience in this market ensures that we have the knowledge and expertise to bring you only what we believe to be the best and highest quality antiques.  We carry out extensive research and only ever buy items when we are entirely satisfied regarding their authenticity. We do not travel to Asia, India or the Middle East in order to obtain stock, nor do we purchase non-European pieces from the original countries in which they were made.  

Asian, Oriental and Indian silver and other fine objects have been brought back to Europe and America by traders, administrators and travellers for several centuries, and as a result, many fine pieces can still be found in the UK, Europe and North America. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality of items you are purchasing

We will only offer you high quality pieces. We are very specific and exacting with regards to what we buy. We are always looking for superior pieces and often turn down items that are offered to us which might date from the right period but do not display the excellent workmanship and/or design quality we seek. Occasionally, we do purchase items of poorer quality, but they are sold on within the trade; we do not display them in our shop or offer them to our customers.

Why our pieces aren’t shiny

We polish our items as little as possible in order to maintain the quality of the detail, minimise wear and protect the natural antique patina.  We find that most of our customers prefer this, however, we would be happy to polish any item, free of charge and before dispatch, if you would prefer.

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