Antique Indian Silver Leaf Dish,
Kutch, India – Late 19th century

An Indian silver dish in the form of a leaf with four cylindrical feet. A large rhesus monkey sits on the end of the handle eating a fruit, his tail hanging at his side. The leaf, with crisp scrolling foliate and large flower heads. A roundel at the centre containing a lion and tiger, with mountains and trees in the background.

Rhesus monkeys are found in Asia and live in large groups in a diverse range of habitats. In India, they often live close to humans and, since Hindus consider them sacred, they are usually left alone. Depicting it here, the silversmith has chosen a recognisable and popular image with which to adorn this dish.

Sources: National Geographic. Washington D.C.: National Geographic, s.v. “Rhesus Monkey .” (accessed September 24, 2013).

Provenance: UK

Weight: 417 grams, Height: 30.5 cms, Diameter of foot: 21.5 cms

Item: #128