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Silver From the Malay World

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‘S ilver from the Malay World’ is a small display at the Victoria and Albert museum which shows a broad spectrum of 19th century Malaysian silver. In the showcase is a range of items from pillow ends, to daggers, to bowls. The display also shows the variety of techniques (chasing and embossing, niello work, and electroplating) and material (gold, glass, and wood) used in conjunction with silver.

It is open now until the 16th of March 2014 and is on the 3rd floor near the full silver collection at South Kensington. The pieces can also be seen online at the V and A website.

Lotus Flower Embossed

A silver dish and cover from Indonesia, 19th century. It was given by S. R. Schofield and has embossed lotus flower with chased scrolling leaves. (IS.28&A-1964)

Lotis Leaf

A Silver Tray in our Collection with similar Lotus leaf motifs as the previous piece, it is also from Malaysia.

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Joseph CohenSilver From the Malay World