Burmese Silver – Decorations and Depictions

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Below is a description of a typical Burmese bowl. From this description one can understand how ornamentation was applied to other forms.
A bowl can be divided into three horizontal sections: the top, the middle and the bottom. The middle section contains the main pictorial scene and is the focal point of the bowl; It takes up most of the space on the bowl.

Joseph CohenBurmese Silver – Decorations and Depictions
Embossed Lotus Flower Malay Silver

Silver From the Malay World

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‘Silver from the Malay World’ is a small display at the Victoria and Albert museum which shows a broad spectrum of 19th century Malaysian silver. In the showcase is a range of items from pillow ends, to daggers, to bowls. The display also shows the variety of techniques (chasing and embossing, niello work, and electroplating) and material (gold, glass, and wood) used in conjunction with silver.

Joseph CohenSilver From the Malay World
What is Indian Silver

What is Indian Silver

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Indian silver of the Raj or British rule was produced from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. Several distinct styles were made, each varying in form, decoration, and technique. The styles are categorized by the region in which they were made. Although each style differs greatly there are some traits which all Indian silver shares.

Joseph CohenWhat is Indian Silver