Patterns on Borders

Recognising Kutch Silver

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Kutch silver is a style of Indian Silver made in the Kutch Region in west India. Its most recognizable feature is its scrolling foliate patterns. These crisp, tight patterns weave around the surface of the piece. Interspersed between the foliate patterns are depictions of animals, birds and hunting scenes.

Chathura MeegamaRecognising Kutch Silver
Silver Kashkul or Begging Bowl

Recognising Kashmiri Silver

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Kashmiri Silver was one of the most popular styles of Indian Silver. The silver-work was influenced by the beautiful scenery which the Kashmiri region is well known for. The scenery was incorporated with floral motifs of coriander leaf, poppy plant and chinar leaf which were repeated around the entire surface.

Chathura MeegamaRecognising Kashmiri Silver
Embossed Lotus Flower Malay Silver

Silver From the Malay World

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‘Silver from the Malay World’ is a small display at the Victoria and Albert museum which shows a broad spectrum of 19th century Malaysian silver. In the showcase is a range of items from pillow ends, to daggers, to bowls. The display also shows the variety of techniques (chasing and embossing, niello work, and electroplating) and material (gold, glass, and wood) used in conjunction with silver.

Joseph CohenSilver From the Malay World
What is Indian Silver

What is Indian Silver

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Indian silver of the Raj or British rule was produced from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. Several distinct styles were made, each varying in form, decoration, and technique. The styles are categorized by the region in which they were made. Although each style differs greatly there are some traits which all Indian silver shares.

Chathura MeegamaWhat is Indian Silver
Animals on Silver Jigger

Silver and Animals

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From the seals of the Indus valley, south asian artists have included animals in their work. There are many instances in 19th century silver of animals incorporated into the decoration. From religious to informative to playful, animals are represented in varying poses and using varying techniques.

Joseph CohenSilver and Animals