Parcel-Gilt and
Filigree Sprinkler

The sprinkler and tray of
fine open filigree with
silver-gilt detail of meandering
branches and leaves.



Water Jug

This jug with an
attractive shape, the stem,
base and handle
ornamented with kang
shawl pattern...


Parcel-Gilt Bezoar
Stone Holder

This Bezoar box of two
hemispherical halves,
an outer layer of silver
openwork and hatched leaves...


Silver Bowl

This Indian silver bowl with the royal seal
in repousse of the last Nawab of Awadh,
has bands of scrolling foliage towards the rim and foot...


Silver Container

The lid chased with swastika knot
and repeating lotus flowers contained
within lappet frames...


The silver goblet with
a playful depiction of
rams butting heads,
each held back
by an attendant...

Silver Goblet


Silver Tea Set

The teapot and cream jug
with animal heads spout.
Snake handles with crouching
female figure on each piece.


Silver Betel
Octagonal Container

With alternative geometric panels
and intricate designs of
floral panels chased on each side.


Dutch Colonial Spittoon

Silver spittoon of baluster form
with circular foot and flaring rim,
decorated with repousse floral scrolls.

We specialize in high quality, authentic, antique oriental silver (sterling) from Asia, the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East, made during the 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries and exceptional English and Continental antique silverware from the same period. All our items have been fully appraised and extensively researched and we only source stock from private collections and trusted contacts within the established art markets of the UK, Europe, Australia and North America.

Most of our rare and historic silver pieces are unique and have been totally handmade and finely crafted using traditional tools. A wide selection of quality antique silver bowls, goblets, cups, tankards, visiting card, cheroot and cigarette cases, plates, dishes, boxes, caskets, betel and lime containers, rosewater sprinklers, kashkuls, ewers, jugs, tea and coffee services and trays is always available.

Our extensive antique Indian silver collection includes fine and rare mughal and deccani silver, Indian colonial silver, Indo-Persian silver and Indian regional silver from Kashmir, Madras, Bombay, Calcutta, Kutch, Lucknow and Trichonopoly, including enamelled silver, filigree silver, bidriware and swami silver from the British Raj, Dutch Colonial, French Colonial and Portuguese Colonial eras. We have a selection of repousse and chased figural silver by notable makers such as Oomersi Mawji and Sons of Bhuj, P Orr & Sons of Madras and Rangoon, Hamilton & Co of Calcutta and antique silver from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), including Batavian silver.

We stock Chinese silver including silver from China, Hong Kong, the Chinese Straits, Chinese Export silver, chinoiserie, enamelled, filigree and gilt silver; Khmer silver from Cambodia; Malayan silver; niello from Thailand (Siam); silver from Sumatra and Indonesia; Burmese silver from Myanmar (Burma) and Islamic silver from India and the Middle East including Turkey, Persia (Iran), Iraq, Algeria, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Ottoman Empire.

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