Joseph Cohen, an acknowledged expert in the field of oriental silver, adopts an individual philosophy and approach. Joseph has never believed in following transient trends and changing fashions in antiques but is totally committed to seeking out rare, distinctive, hand crafted, unique and authentic antiques, particularly silver and metalwork, whatever their country of origin.

Coming from the second generation of a family dealing in quality oriental antiques for more than half a century, Joseph grew up ‘in the trade’ and his education in this area started early!  His passion for antique hand crafted silver began in childhood and is undimmed today. Fired by an innate curiosity, his quest for increased knowledge and understanding continues.  Joseph loves to share his passion and expertise with others and to advise and guide those who are newcomers to this fascinating area.


Tanjore Encrusted Ware – Indian Inlay


T anjore-ware originates and gets its name from the city of Tanjore, now called Thanjavur, in southern India and has similarities with the 19th century ‘swami’ silver which was made in the Madras, now called Chennai, area, a short distance away. Hindu gods and mythical beings are depicted in the same distinctive style in both, heavily influenced by the ancient stone carvings which can be found in the numerous temples within this region, particularly the ‘Great Lving Chola Temples’, now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bidri – Indian Inlay


B idri is the technique of inlaying zinc vessels with brass, silver or gold. This form of decoration is uniquely Indian and began in the city of Bidar, in the Deccan. The oldest known examples date from the late 17th century, but according to oral legend, production of bidri began during the 16th century.

Koftgari – Indian Inlay


K oftgari is the Indian form of damascening which closely resembles the damascening found in Persia and Syria.

The inlay process begins after the piece is moulded and fully formed. The intended design is engraved into the base metal and fine gold or silver wire is then hammered into the grooves.

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