Kutch (Cutch) silver is one of the most popular styles of Indian silver. This distinctive style was predominantly produced from the mid nineteenth century until the early twentieth century. Kutch Silver is known for its hybrid of local decorative style with European form. It can be recognised by its crisp, precise, lively and deeply chased scrolling foliage, and by its depictions of animals, which are skilfully worked into the surrounding scrollwork. With the help and support of the Mahroa (Maharaja), (Mahrao Shri Mirza Raja Sawai Khengarji Bahadur), the ruler of Kutch, the Kutch silver trade flourished. This style became so sought after that it was imitated in other parts of India as well as in Europe and North America. Please refer to our blog for more information on ‘Recognising Kutch Silver’.

Kutch Silver

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