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What Is Indian Silver

What Is Indian Silver 0

Indian silver from the Raj period, the era of British rule, was produced from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. There are several distinctive styles, each varying in form, decoration, and technique.

Tanjore Encrusted Ware – Indian Inlay

Tanjore Encrusted Ware – Indian Inlay 0

Tanjore-ware originates and gets its name from the city of Tanjore, now called Thanjavur, in southern India and has similarities with the 19th century ‘swami’ silver which was made in the Madras...

Recognising Kutch Silver

Recognising Kutch Silver 0

Kutch or Cutch silver is a regional style of Indian Silver which was made in the Kutch Region in the west of India. Its most recognizable feature is its scrolling foliate patterns. These crisp, tight patterns weave...

Sri Lankan Mythological Creatures

Sri Lankan Mythological Creatures 0

This article looks at a pair of book covers in our collection and compares the images of three mythological creatures found on the covers with images of the same creatures depicted elsewhere...

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