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Sri Lankan Mythological Creatures

Sri Lankan Mythological Creatures 0

This article looks at a pair of book covers in our collection and compares the images of three mythological creatures found on the covers with images of the same creatures depicted elsewhere...

  • Joseph Cohen
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Bidri – Indian Inlay

Bidri – Indian Inlay 0

Bidri is the technique of inlaying zinc vessels with brass, silver or gold. This form of decoration is uniquely Indian and began in the city of Bidar, in the Deccan. The oldest known examples date...

Silverwork Of Burma

Silverwork Of Burma 0

another great artist was Maung Myat San and a small bowl by him is contrasted on Plate VII with the work of a present day prizeman. The photograph does not do justice to the modern bowl because...

Burmese Silver Decorations

Burmese Silver Decorations 0

A bowl can be divided into three horizontal sections: the top, the middle and the bottom. The middle section contains the main pictorial scene and is the focal point of the bowl; It takes up most...