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Burmese Silver – Forms

Burmese Silver – Forms 0

There is little variety in the forms of silver vessels seen in antique Burmese silver. Typically, one sees bowls, containers, cups and figures or statues To make the statues, the silversmith first cast the...

Recognising Kashmiri Silver

Recognising Kashmiri Silver 0

Kashmiri Silver was one of the most popular styles of Indian Silver. The silver-work was influenced by the beautiful scenery which the Kashmiri region is well known for. Floral motifs of coriander leaf..

Silver From The Malay World

Silver From The Malay World 0

Silver from the Malay World’ is a small display at the Victoria and Albert museum which shows a broad spectrum of 19th century Malaysian silver. In the showcase is a range of items from pillow ends, to...

Silver And Animals

Silver And Animals 0

From the time the seals of the Indus valley were made, south asian artists have included animals in their work. There are many instances in 19th century silver where depictions of animals are incorporated...